Colruyt Recalls Passendale Classic Cheese Slices

Boni Selection Bio is Colruyt Group’s new private label for all organic food that was under Bio-Time up to now. All 250 products are being switched and can from now on be found step by step in the shelves at Colruyt, OKay, Bio-Planet and the Spar affiliates. Boni Selection Bio is a sub-brand of the existing private label Boni Selection. The Bio (organic) sub-brand contributes to the further simplification of the store product ranges, allowing customers to make their final choice more easily.Fresh and recognisableBoni Selection Bio represents a basic product range of 250 guaranteed organic products that are 100% certified through the European organic label. The brand offers a fine price/quality ratio and the products meet the high standards Boni Selection sets in terms of flavour, sustainability, health and user-friendliness. Easily recognisable packaging forms were chosen in a bright-green colour, with the well-known Boni Selection logo and a large ‘BIO’ indication. Boni Selection Bio can be found at Colruyt Group’s Belgian supermarkets, at the wholesaler Solucious and also in the French Colruyt stores.Three brand layersThe replacement of the former Bio-Time by Boni Selection Bio is part of the simplification of the product ranges. That operation was boosted in 2013 with the introduction of Boni Selection, which has meanwhile replaced about fifty former private labels. The cheapest private label Everyday, the ‘home brand’ Boni Selection (with the Bio sub-brand) and the national brands are now three clearly distinguishable layers customers can choose easily from.

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