La William Recalls Curry 300 Ml

Following an FASFC inspection, La William has asked all its customers to return its Curry 300 ml sauce with minimum shelf life date of 10/09/2017 to the store. The microbiological quality of the product in question cannot be fully guaranteed until the shelf life date specified on the packaging. La William always aspires to the highest quality and safety standards and has therefore decided to recall this product. Description of the product: - Name: Curry La William – 300 ml - Lot number: minimum shelf life date (THT) 10/09/2017 - Minimum shelf life date (THT): 10/09/2017 - Packaging: glass - Volume: 300 ml - Sold from 28/06/2016 to now Stores involved in this recall: - Colruyt Lowest Prices stores in Belgium Information for the consumer: Anyone who bought this sauce is given the advice not to consume it and to return it to the store. The product will be reimbursed in the store. Under no circumstance does this measure affect any other La William products. Possible, but rare symptoms are abdominal pain and intestinal complaints. The symptoms may manifest themselves shortly after consumption (after a day or a couple of days). Generally, the symptoms are very light and disappear spontaneously. We apologise for any inconvenience. If you have any questions please call the Quality Assurance department at number +32 52 30 96 70. La William Blauwenhoek 41 B-1840 Londerzeel

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