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As from Monday 5 October, Guy Elewaut (1963) will be the new marketing director for the Colruyt Lowest Prices store format. By then, he will have completed 2 years as a candidate director with the overarching Colruyt Group. Guy Elewaut graduated in history and economy. He worked as a journalist for nine years and has 15 years' experience in retail. Two years settling in First, Guy Elewaut was immersed for more than a year in sales, mainly as the store manager of the Colruyt store in Wondelgem. Furthermore he was elaborately introduced to various departments such as human resources, logistics, purchase, etc.  In the coming months he will get better acquainted with the ins and outs of Colruyt and more particularly the marketing department. As a marketing director, he will report to Chris Van Wettere, general director of Colruyt Lowest Prices since the beginning of March.Added valueCOO Retail Frans Colruyt is convinced that the personality of Elewaut fits right in with the mission, values and business culture of Colruyt Group and that he can bring significant added value to Colruyt as well as to the group. "Colruyt is doing well, but in order to remain relevant and helpful to our customers, we want to reinforce the brand image, our versatility and strength. This will be a valuable asset in the rapidly changing retail landscape."

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