Warning by Colruyt Group: Colruyt, OKay, OKay Compact, Spar Colruyt Group and Alvo recall Everyday nutmeg

Problem: Chicken herbs with allergens milk and mustard in nutmeg packaging

During the production of Everyday nutmeg, some packages have been filled with chicken herbs. These herbs contain the allergens milk and mustard and this is not mentioned in the packaging.

For this reason, by way of precaution, Colruyt and the supplier have decided to take the product from the shelves. This also applies for OKay, OKay Compact, Spar Colruyt Group and Alvo.

Description of the product:

Name: Everyday nutmeg 100 g
Best before: 08/2022
Batch: P101372

The product is sold at Colruyt, OKay, OKay Compact, Spar Colruyt Group and Alvo.

Information for consumers

Customers, who bought a product from this batch, can return it to the point of sale. They will be reimbursed there.

Customers, who are allergic to milk and/or mustard, are requested not to consume this product. People, who already consumed it and show signs of an allergic reaction, are advised to consult a physician. For customers, who are not allergic to milk or mustard, there is no danger in consuming the product.

For more information, call the Colruyt Group quality department at 02 345 2345.

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