Colruyt informs: Allergen egg not mentioned on packaging of Everyday spaghetti bolognese in can (in 19 Colruyt stores)

During an internal check, we found that the allergen egg is not mentioned on Everyday spaghetti bolognese in can, with use by date 31/05/2022, whereas this allergen is indeed used in the product.

For this reason, Colruyt and the FASFC (federal agency for the safety of the food chain) have taken the precautionary measure to remove products with the wrong label from the shelves in the 19 Colruyt stores where this product was sold. The following Colruyt stores are concerned:

Andenne, Averbode, Basècles, Beringen, Brugge Gistelsesteenweg, Chênée, Enghien, Erquelinnes, Geraardsbergen, Hasselt, Heusy, Jodoigne, Keerbergen, Kessel-Lo, Kortrijk, Lier, Merksem Groenendael, Ramsel en Zoersel.

We ask customers, who bought this product and have an egg intolerance, not to consume this product and to return it to the store where they bought it. They will be reimbursed there. There is no risk for customers who are not allergic or intolerant.

Colruyt apologizes for the inconvenience.


Description of the product:

  • Name: Everyday spaghetti bolognese 415 g
  • Item no.: 45934
  • For sale since: 03/01/2019
  • Best before: 31/05/2022
  • Batch no.: LY330

For more information, call the Colruyt Group quality department at 02 345 2345.

Press contact
Hanne Poppe
Press officer Colruyt Group
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I bought this product. What do I do?
Do not consume the product if you are allergic to eggs. Bring it back to the store and we will reimburse you.

What if I have already eaten it?
Consult a doctor if you have an allergic reaction.

What about the other products of this label?
The other products of this label do not present any quality problems.

Where can I get more information?
Feel free to contact the after-sales service on our general number 02 345 2345 11.


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