Recall tapenade and pesto

During an auto-control by the manufacturer, salmonella was discovered in one of the raw materials, namely the pine nuts. The finished products made with this material may be contaminated. For this reason, the supplier has decided to recall these products, in consultation with the manufacturer and the Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain.

Products concerned:

  • Colruyt / Okay - Boni Greek trio dip 210g:
    Best before dates concerned: 
    • 29/06/2018
    • 09/07/2018
    • 12/07/2018
    • 27/07/2018
    • 31/07/2018
    • 09/08/2018

Consumers, who have bought one of the products concerned, are invited not to consume it but to return it to the store. The products returned will be refunded. 

Food poisoning caused by salmonella manifests itself by gastrointestinal disorders often accompanied by fever within forty-eight hours after consumption of the contaminated product. These symptoms can be more serious in young children, people with weakened immune system and elderly people. People who have consumed the product and have these symptoms should consult their family doctor and mention that they have eaten this product.

You can call 02 345 2345 for more information.

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