Rectification Of Batch Number Nestle Recalls Cerelac Cookie Cereal For Fruit Mash 800 G Of Batch L70080291

Statement by NestléIn consultation with the FASFC, Nestlé Belgium decided to remove a batch of Nestlé CERELAC cookie cereal for fruit mash 800 g from the shelves as a precaution. The recall relates to batch code L-70080291 with best before date 07/2018. It does not relate to other batch numbers of Nestle CERELAC cookie cereal for fruit mash 800g, 250g and gluten-free 300g. The consumption of these products is not a problem. (The best before date is mentioned on the bottom side of the packaging:'Best Before End').This measure is takes because the limit of benzo(a)pyrene and PAH (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon) in this specific batch turned out to be exceeded. PAH's are contaminants occurring frequently in nature and traces of these substances can be found in food. There is no health risk for babies who consumed this product batch.Since Nestlé makes no concessions with regard to the quality and safety of its products, it was decided to remove the batch concerned from the shelves as a precaution. We apologise to our consumers and do everything we can to avoid similar situations in the future.We invite consumers, who have a package of CERELAC cookie cereal for fruit mash 800 g with batch code L-70080291, not to use it any longer and to cut out the bottom of the box with best before date, bar code and batch code, add their name, address and bank details (IBAN account number) and send everything to:CERELACc/o HighCo Data PB 127941733 AsseThis will allow us to reimburse the purchase amount and postal charges.For more information:- Tel.: 0800/98016- Contact Nestlé: Alexander Sophie Tel: 0495 58 38 00

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