Rabbits from park systems at Colruyt, OKay and Spar

Rabbits which are bred respectfully before they’re slaughtered? We make a point of it. Since September 2014, the rabbit meat that’s sold in our Colruyt, OKay and Spar stores is guaranteed to come from rabbits from animal-friendly park systems. Whether fresh from the butchers or in the deep freeze section. And this meat is also 100% Belgian, so the rabbits are not in the truck for too long. Our colleagues explain how and why.

Natural behaviour? Yes please!

“In park systems, the rabbits have far more room to move. They can relax and hop around comfortably,” says Philippe Toussaint, manager sustainable sourcing. “Natural behaviour is encouraged, with hay and wood blocks to chew on.” There is a constant supply of pure drinking water in the hutches and the animal-friendly artificial floor makes the park system much more pleasant for the rabbits.

Quality? Check. Belgian? Check.

How do we respect animal welfare together with our suppliers? Jurgen Vandeneynde, meat buyer, explains, “Park systems are now compulsory in Belgium. Our Belgian rabbit farmers have invested heavily. That’s why we buy our rabbit meat only from them. That means we’re sure that the animals have been farmed with respect for their welfare and natural behaviour. And at the same time, we also support the local economy.”

Park system rabbits
Park systems are larger and far more animal-friendly than the traditional cages.

VIDEO: Rabbits from park systems

With this initiative, we contribute to the following Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

Responsible consumption & production