CNG: a small step towards hydrogen

Our efforts regarding green fuel don’t stop with CNG or electric driving. “For us, CNG is a transition fuel and electric driving is almost attainable. We think that driving with hydrogen is the future, because hydrogen is a 100% clean energy source,” says Raf Flebus, DATS 24 business unit manager. “But it will take another 10 to 20 years before we get there. And we can’t wait that long! That’s why we’re encouraging not only consumers, but also companies, governments and municipalities to choose CNG and electric driving now.”

No time to lose

“Belgium’s air quality is declining fast, especially in Flanders. And that has an impact on our lives. If we all want to enjoy some extra healthy years, we have no time to lose. Now is the time for CNG to break through,” continues Raf Flebus. “And in the meantime, we’re experimenting with green hydrogen. Because we believe it’s the sustainable fuel of the future!”

Hydrogen fuel station
We have our own hydrogen fuel station in our distribution centre in Halle.

We think hydrogen is the sustainable fuel of the future

Hydrogen: 100% clean

We think that hydrogen is an environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional fossil fuels. Moreover driving on hydrogen offers all the advantages of electric driving, but none of the disadvantages. Thanks to electrolysis (a chemical process which uses electricity to split water into hydrogen and oxygen), it's possible to create green hydrogen using renewable energy sources such as wind or solar power. In addition, hydrogen has another advantage: it only emits water vapour.


Experimenting with hydrogen in our distribution centre

At Colruyt Group, we’ve been investing in hydrogen as a source of green energy for a number of years. Our employees in the Halle distribution centre already use a lot of forklift and pallet trucks which run on hydrogen, and we also have our own hydrogen fuel station. Our engineers are also researching the possibilities of using hydrogen as a green energy buffer. In the near future, we’ll go a step further. By the beginning of 2018 we’ll also offer green hydrogen at our DATS 24 fuel station Dassenveld in Halle.

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With this initiative, we contribute to the following Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

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