Colruyt Group would like to thank you for a super 2018

From all of us, a heartfelt thankyou for 2018. Together we have achieved a lot. On this page you will find some examples. In 2019, we will continue on our chosen path. We are proud that you put your trust in Colruyt Group, which is why we will continue to invest in providing you with the highest quality and in realizing sustainable projects.

Choose pointer with the Nutri-Score

The Nutri-Score is a clear labelling system that converts nutritional value into an easy-to-understand code consisting of 5 colours and letters, making it even easier for consumers to make healthier choices. We provide information that is transparent - it’s up to you to make the decision. Nutri-Score labels can be found at Colruyt, OKay, Bio-Planet, Spar and Collect & Go. Additionally, by using our SmartWithFood app you can compare the Nutri-Scores of 20,000 products in our food stores.

Choose pointer with the Nutri-Score

Natural beauty - organically

Eating organically is simply a good thing. Good for yourself and good for others. Whether you dive in wholeheartedly or just paddle in the shallow end. At Colruyt Group, we believe very strongly in being conscious consumers and an organic approach is part and parcel of that. You can buy more than 6,000 organic products at our specialist Bio-Planet shops and our other supermarkets. And our Boni Selection Bio house brand offers around 280 organic products at attractive prices.

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Vertical farming: sustainable from seed to packaging

In a vertical farm, plants are grown in different layers one above the other, in an enclosed space. Light, humidity, temperature, water supply, soil composition: this is all decided according to the exact needs of the plants, At Colruyt Group, we have designed and built such a system, with sustainability in mind. It’s something we are very proud of.

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From food loss to food gain

In the ideal world there is no waste: we simply use all the residual materials and make new products with them. It is our aim to contribute to this type of circular economy. For example, we are exploring innovative ways to convert unsold food into new food products.

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