The journey made by chocolate: 8,884 kilometres

Cocoa trees grow around the equator: in West Africa, South-east Asia and Latin America. Top of the list of countries are Ivory Coast, Ghana, Indonesia, Ecuador and Brazil. But we chose Nicaragua to set up a special cocoa project together with Vredeseilanden (Rikolto). The result is two new chocolate bars for Boni Selection. But how does the chocolate actually get all the way from there to you? There's quite a long journey from the cocoa tree in Nicaragua to the bar of chocolate in your shopping cart ...

 Nicaragua, local farmers
 Nicaragua, La Campesina
 Honduras, Chocolate del Caraibe
 Belgium, Puratos
 Belgium, Q Chocolate

… and then all that's needed is the right packaging for the chocolate. A mere 9,000 km later, the bars are ready to be put out for sale on the shelves. If you're curious about the full story behind your bit of chocolate, then find out why the Vredeseilanden (Rikolto) chain project in Nicaragua is good news for local cocoa farmers. And read about how exactly we make a contribution.

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