Energy-efficient buildings and technologies

Sustainable renovations, refreshing technologies (such as propane and propene refrigeration or the liquid ice container) as well as expanding a smart energy network. Colruyt Group is reducing its CO₂ emissions with a range of energy-saving measures.

Energy-saving renovation

For the past ten years, we’ve only built low-energy shops. We’re also investing 35 million euros in the sustainable renovation of 234 existing shops over the next 12 years.

The return for people and the environment? Our CO2 emissions have decreased by 4%.

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Propane and propene refrigeration everywhere

By 2027, all Colruyt Group’s Colruyt OKay and Bio-Planet shops will be equipped with refrigeration systems which use natural propane and propene gas.

A drop in the ocean you think? On the contrary, this new technology will reduce the CO2 emissions from our supermarkets by 11%.

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Refreshing refrigeration technology

For transporting fresh produce to our shops, we introduced the liquid ice container in 2016. This internally-developed refrigerated container has 73% less impact on climate change than a classic unit.

Find out about the story behind this cool technology now!

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Smart energy network

We limit our energy consumption, produce our own green energy and are experimenting with technologies such as energy storage in the form of hydrogen.

All of these measures bring us, step-by-step, closer to our ideal: a smart and environmentally-friendly energy network which optimises supply and demand.

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With this initiative, we contribute to the following Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

Good health & wellbeing Affordable and clean energy Industry, innovation & infrastructure Responsible consumption & production Climate action