Network of electric charging stations

Our fuel and energy specialists at DATS 24 and Eoly are building a network of charging stations over the next few years. They’re doing this in two ways, with charging stations at our shops and via a public network of charging stations. So you’ll soon be able to charge your electric car in your neighbourhood!

Charge your car while you shop

In early April 2017, DATS 24 launched a charging card for electric vehicles. So you can now also charge your car while you shop. Our energy specialists at Eoly deliver 100% green Belgian energy to the charging stations. Over the next few years, the network will be expanded further. In addition to 15 charging stations at Bio-Planet shops, there will be another 40 charging stations in Colruyt shops’ parking areas.

You can charge your electric car at 15 Bio-Planet shops.

This network of charging stations is the result of a positive test project by Eoly. Our engineers have been testing charging stations in Bio-Planet shops’ parking areas for almost two years. 334 customers accounted for over 2,500 charging sessions and provided comprehensive feedback.

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In 2017, 40 electric charging stations are coming to Colruyt shops.

The first public network in Flanders

Our energy specialists at Eoly will deliver green energy to the first public network of charging stations in Flanders. The charging station operator Allego will install 2,500 charging stations across the whole of Flanders by 2020, on behalf of the Flemish government. 65 of these will come on stream in 2017. Eoly is the power supplier for these charging stations.

“We’re very pleased that we can supply our 100% green and sustainable power to this network,” says Thomas Decamps, manager Sourcing & Supply at Eoly. “This is how we can contribute to the development of sustainable mobility and help to reduce CO2 emissions further.”

By 2020, there will be 2,500 public charging stations.

With this initiative, we contribute to the following Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

Affordable and clean energy Climate action