Making our vehicle fleet greener at cruising speed

In order to improve air quality and limit the impact of traffic on the climate, Colruyt Group is continuously making its vehicle fleet greener. Today, more than a quarter of our commercial vehicles (both for logistics and passenger transport) already use alternative energy. Is an employee entitled to a company car? Then we encourage them to opt for a car that runs on CNG or electricity. Hydrogen-powered cars also form part of our fleet.

Fewer particulates with CNG

With CNG (compressed natural gas), you’re driving a car which emits far fewer particulates than a diesel or petrol car. Particulates cause many respiratory diseases and are thus a great danger to public health. In addition, using natural gas is not only ecological, it’s also cheaper.

By mid-2017, there were already over 1,000 CNG-powered passenger cars in our fleet. We regularly expand this offer for our employees with new models.

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Quiet evolution: electric cars

We’ve been investing in electric cars for several years. They emit absolutely no CO2 or particulates, so they’re literally a breath of fresh air for man and the environment. Especially when the electricity they use is also eco-friendly, like at Colruyt Group.

Together with DATS 24 and Eoly, we’re also working on developing a network of charging stations. These will allow customers and employees to charge their car’s battery while they work or shop.

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Hydrogen cars: a fresh breeze

Hydrogen is an inexhaustible and clean fuel. Reason enough for Colruyt Group to have been experimenting with its first hydrogen car since 2015.

Will the experts be right and will hydrogen become the environmentally-friendly fuel of the future?

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Greener goods transport too

Limiting kilometres, avoiding peak times and working on making our fleet cleaner: we also want to reduce the CO2 emissions of our goods transport and reduce traffic.

We already use green alternatives for our service vehicles and vans. For our heavy goods vehicles, we’re investigating the potential of electricity and hydrogen as fuels. Since 2015, we’ve also been testing electric tractors on our logistics sites.

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With this initiative, we contribute to the following Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

Good health & wellbeing Affordable and clean energy Industry, innovation & infrastructure Climate action