International transport with a green character

There’s nothing nicer than a glass of Port on a summer’s evening. But how does the Port get here? Our Port travels from Portugal by boat to Antwerp, after which it’s transferred to a barge for the leg to Brussels. Trucks then take the Port to our distribution centre. Nice and environmentally friendly, because we save a lot of truck kilometres and reduce emissions. But Port is not alone. Over half of our international goods travel by train or boat!

A sustainable alternative

The majority of our foreign suppliers organise their own transport. But there are a few European suppliers from whom we collect the goods ourselves. So we always choose the means of transport with the lowest ecological footprint. In 2017 for example, 54% of our goods came by train or boat. That corresponds to 83,997,972 tonnes/kilometre (the total weight of goods transported x the number of kilometres travelled) by train and boat. By doing so, we avoided doing 3,389,179 truck kilometres on European roads. This reduced our CO2 emissions by 47.12%.

Every year, barges transport about 1,500 containers from Antwerp to Brussels.

The share of boat transport is also rising in Belgium. Since 2010 we have increasingly chosen barges over trucks. Every year, barges transport about 1,500 containers from Antwerp to Brussels. That saves us 180,000 truck kilometres. This is not only positive for the environment, it’s also cheaper and more efficient.

With this initiative, we contribute to the following Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

Sustainable cities and communities