The Litter Challenge: pupils make quick work of street litter

At Colruyt Group, we like to contribute to a cleaner environment. And since ‘what’s learnt in the cradle’ still ‘lasts till the tomb’, we launch an initiative to stimulate a behaviour change in young people with non-profit organisation GoodPlanet: The Litter Challenge. It’s a free, interactive street litter project for second and third grade secondary classes. We invite all teachers in Flanders and Wallonia to enroll their class!

Start nudging

The Litter Challenge consists of several sessions during school year 2019-2020, accompanied by an educational GoodPlanet co-worker and the teacher. During a first workshop, pupils gain insight in the street litter problem and in nudging techniques. These are positive suggestions that give us a boost to change our behaviour. They will also detect the litter problem in their school and living environment, look for solutions and - ideally – test them in practice. After a common evaluation, the teacher will send the best idea of the class to GoodPlanet. Classes that make the best contributions will be invited to present their solution at the closing event in the spring of 2020.

Mutual inspiration

Colruyt Group finances the entire project and our environmental experts elaborated 2 inspiring workshops with GoodPlanet. “We are quite experienced in street litter actions”, says co-ordinator Goedele Daems. “Within our five-year plan ‘Joining forces for less street litter’ we set up prevention campaigns and regularly organise clean-up actions on our own sites and in public areas. But we also want to involve the youngsters, because they are the future. And who could inspire us more than the youngsters themselves? We look forward to a fascinating exchange.”

You can find more information about The Litter Challenge on the site of GoodPlanet.


With this initiative, we contribute to the following Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

Sustainable cities and communities Responsible consumption & production Partnerships for the goals