The nutritional value of a product in one glance thanks to the Nutri-Score

From this fall, you can choose food products using the Nutri-Score, the food label that converts the nutritional value of products into a clear letter and colour code on the packaging. Furthermore, from mid-September, you can already consult and compare the Nutri-Scores for all the products on our shelves by means of the SmartWithFood app. This way, you can make conscious and balanced food choices.

Handy indicator with letters and colours

We are familiar with the energy label for electrical appliances and lamps for instance. The Nutri-Score is a similar indicator, but for food. Thanks to the Nutri-Score on food products, you can see at a single glance, which products are recommended and which ones you should limit. Letter A on green background indicates that the product scores well for nutritional value. A product with a red E is one you should eat or drink moderately. 

De Nutri-Score toont welke producten aan te raden zijn en welke je beter beperkt.
The Nutri-Score shows which products are recommended and which are to be limited.

A closer look at nutritional value

Colruyt Group chose the Nutri-Score because it is a science-based system. The colour code ranges from green (= good) to dark orange (= to be limited) and works with corresponding letters (from A=good to E=to be limited). Each product receives a code based on negative nutrients (energy value and amount of sugar, saturated fat and salt) and positive nutrients (share of fibre, protein, fruit, vegetables and nuts). 

Basically, all food qualifies for a Nutri-Score except fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, fresh fish or fresh herbs. Prepared meals can also receive a Nutri-Score, as can drinks. Alcoholic beverages, coffee and tea do not qualify. 

The Nutri-Score receives a clearly visible place on the packaging front.

Clear product information

Colruyt Group focuses on a healthy food pattern. For this reason, we already diminish the amount of salt or sugar in our private labels Everyday and Boni Selection. The Nutri-Score label on the packaging of the first ten Boni Selection products is another help to make balanced choices. The label will be in a visible place on the packaging front. Later this year, you will also find the Nutri-Score at and You can see whether a product is recommended or to be limited at a single glance.   

The Nutri-Score receives a clearly visible place on the packaging front.

Discover and compare Nutri-Scores with the SmartWithFood app

With our SmartWithFood app, you could already scan all food information of a product with your smartphone - even the presence of allergens. From mid-September, you can also look up the Nutri-Score of all food products on the shelves of our store formats. It gives you a complete, transparent view of your favourite products’ Nutri-Score without having to wait for the adapted packaging. 

Choose wisely using the Nutri-Score

With this initiative, we contribute to the following Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

Good health & wellbeing Responsible consumption & production