A balanced food pattern for children? Choose Boni Selection Kids!

Parents know all about it: helping your children to build up healthy eating habits is quite a task. For this reason, we want to make it easier to choose balanced food for kids. The Boni Selection ‘Kids’ assortment consists only of products that fit in with a balanced food pattern for children.

Balanced food? Simple enough!

The Kids assortment of your familiar private label Boni Selection contains about 35 products for children, from yoghurt over juices to biscuits. You can recognise these products by the handy, smaller formats and the colourful ‘animal’ packages. Because our children’s health is very important to us, we highly improved the Kids assortment. It makes choosing easier: you can be sure that all Boni Selection Kids products fit in with a balanced food pattern for children.

Choosing balanced food is easier with Boni Selection Kids.

Less sugar, fat and salt, more fibre

Over the past 18 months, we examined the entire Kids assortment focusing on improving the nutritional values. We changed the composition of ten products so they contain less sugar, fat and salt, or more fibre. For instance, the apple-cherry juice contains 12% less sugar than before. Fresh cheese with strawberries even contains 27% less sugar and 19% less fat. Letter cookies now contain 12.5% less saturated fat and no less than 20% more fibre, … And yes, all the changed products have been tested and approved by children! 

Fresh cheese with strawberries is much better now, containing 27% less sugar and 19% less fat.

Purified assortment

Some products could not be improved enough to keep them in a balanced food pattern for children. We removed eight of them from the Kids assortment and included them in our ‘ordinary’ Boni Selection label. These products no longer have colourful packages and will no longer draw children’s attention. Finally, we removed six products from the assortment altogether.

Tomatoes also belong in our kids assortment!

More sustainable private labels step by step

The improvement of our children’s assortment is part of a more elaborate sustainability effort. Indeed, together with our suppliers and production departments, we constantly improve the nutritional value of our private label products, especially by reducing the sugar, fat and salt content or by adding fibre. In 2018, we removed 421 tonnes of sugar from our private label food as well as 50 tonnes of fat, 64 tonnes of saturated fatty acids and 28 tonnes of salt. We also added 27 tonnes of fibre. This is how we can offer a sustainable range of products, making it easier for you to make conscious and healthy food choices.

Together with our suppliers and own production departments, we constantly improve the nutritional value of our private label products.

With this initiative, we contribute to the following Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

Good health & wellbeing Responsible consumption & production