By the end of 2019, the only price labels in Colruyt stores will be digital ones

By the end of 2019, Colruyt will have replaced the paper price labels with digital price labels in all its 240 stores in Belgium and Luxembourg. The benefits for you: Colruyt will be able to respond to price changes even faster. The new labels are also fitted with WiFi technology to enable the contactless exchange of information. The digital price labels are not only energy-efficient, they also save Colruyt 75 million paper labels per year as well as transport costs.

Responding to price changes even faster

Digital price labels are not new in the retail sector, but Colruyt deliberately waited until an affordable and sustainable system came onto the market. The switch offers many advantages, says sales director Christophe Dehandschutter: “Colruyt operates a price match scheme. This means that we adjust our prices several times a day in response to competitors. Because this process is no longer manual, our response time can be even faster. Another benefit is that our store employees have more time for other jobs, such as helping our customers with their shopping.

Digital price label for biscuits
Colruyt specially opted for digital price labels that could also display the 'Red Prices' in the typical red colour.

The digital price labels will help us save about 90 tons of paper every year.

Communication between the label and the Colruyt app

Colruyt wants to strengthen the link between the physical store and the online experience and at the same time make shopping even more efficient for the customers. Thanks to the innovative Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, Colruyt can exchange information between two devices that are held close together. Christophe: “This technology has vast potential. For example, if customers hold their smartphone against the price label of a particular wine, we can use the MyColruyt app to give product information, such as what dish would go with that particular wine.

Digital price label for olive oil
NFC has vast potential. One example is showing recipes that go with a particular product.