Will the car of the future run on hydrogen?

The chance is real, because hydrogen is an ideal fuel for vehicles: 100% renewable and clean. Hydrogen-powered cars do not emit any CO₂, soot or fine dust. It is all very promising, even if you do not see many hydrogen-powered cars today. For our part, we believe in its potential and invest heavily in the necessary technology.

Petrol? Diesel? No, hydrogen.

In 2015, we started testing the Hyundai ix35, the first mass-produced hydrogen car in Belgium. Based on the positive evaluation, we decided to include it in our range of company cars. Today, 18 of these cars are driving aroud. 
So how exactly does a hydrogen car work? The fuel cell on board turns the hydrogen into electricity. The electricity drives the motor and thus the car. The only emission from the exhaust pipe of a hydrogen car is water vapour. That’s why hydrogen can be the solution to lots of environmental problems. The only proviso is that the hydrogen is produced in a sustainable way.

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First public hydrogen station

Investing in hydrogen cars only makes sense if the fuel is easy to come by. To this end, our fuel expert DATS 24 opende its first public hydrogen station in October 2018. Everyone can fill up with 100 % green hydrogen, produced locally with renewable wind and solar energy. Unique about this station is that it also offers natural gas (CNG) and all other current fuels.

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With this initiative, we contribute to the following Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

Affordable and clean energy Industry, innovation & infrastructure Sustainable cities and communities Climate action