Will the car of the future run on hydrogen?

There’s little chance that you’ve ever driven a hydrogen car. Why? Because there are only a few in Belgium. And we have one of them. In fact, it was the very first one in Belgium. Jonas Cautaerts, Business Developer at DATS 24, already drives the hydrogen car and is wildly enthusiastic. Is hydrogen the fuel of the future? Jonas thinks it will be. No CO2 emissions or particulates, that’s very promising.

Petrol? Diesel? No, hydrogen.

Jonas explains, “Since 2015, we’ve been testing the Hyundai ix35, the first series production hydrogen car. Our car was also the first in Belgium. We’re researching the potential of hydrogen as a vehicle fuel.”

So how exactly does a hydrogen car work? “The fuel cell on board turns the hydrogen into electricity. The electricity drives the motor and thus the car. The only emission from the exhaust pipe of a hydrogen car is water vapour.” That’s why hydrogen can be the solution to lots of environmental problems. The only proviso is that the hydrogen is produced in a sustainable way.

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Hydrogen station
You never know, in a few years, all our company vehicles may run on hydrogen.

And what now?

A single hydrogen car in a company of 29,000 employees? Of course that doesn’t count for much. But we want to think further about hydrogen cars. The ideal scenario: company cars powered by hydrogen. DATS 24, the group’s fuel specialist, is following developments closely and believes in hydrogen’s future. Enough to invest in the required technology and infrastructure in the short term? Absolutely.

With this initiative, we contribute to the following Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

Affordable and clean energy Industry, innovation & infrastructure Sustainable cities and communities Climate action