Best in the class in Belgian MSC ranking

Hooray, a trophy! In 2017, our own brands had the widest range of sustainably caught wild fish in Belgium. This has been revealed in a ranking list published for the first time by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC). Last year, we sold 81 different products with the MSC label at Colruyt, OKay and Spar under our brands Boni Selection and Everyday. By doing so, we have emerged as the best in the class.

Sustainable fish: not only MSC

The MSC label gives you certainty that the fish was caught in a sustainable manner. However, you can also rest assured about our other wild fish – we have developed a method together with the ILVO to give a sustainability score to each variety of fish. This means you will only find sustainable fish in the Boni Selection and Everyday ranges, whether or not it carries a MSC label.

“We are aiming for 100% sustainable fish in our own brands,” said Philippe Toussaint (Manager Sustainable Sourcing). “The demand for sustainable and transparent products keeps growing, and our customers find the independent MSC label a reliable way of being able to recognise sustainably caught fish.”

Philippe Toussaint
“The MSC label is a reliable way for our customers to recognise sustainably caught fish,” said Philippe Toussaint.

We are aiming for 100% sustainable fish in our own brands

We are also working together with companies that respect humans, animals and the environment for our ranges of farmed fish, molluscs and shellfish. A high proportion of the products now already carry the strict ASC label.

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With this initiative, we contribute to the following Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

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