Jef Colruyt is putting his weight behind Sign for my Future

Last week, around 250 large companies, organisations, trade unions and schools launched the Sign for my Future campaign. Jef Colruyt, CEO of Colruyt Group, is also putting his personal and exceptional support behind this initiative, which requires a more ambitious climate policy from the authorities in our country.

Pulling the cart

Sign for my Future wants to collect as many signatures as possible and hand them over to all the party chairmen in Belgium prior to the elections in May. Those elected are given a mandate to take the necessary and politically unpopular measures, if required, to ensure that Belgium will be climate-neutral by 2050.

"Students skip school every Thursday to protest and it’s the biggest march for the climate ever in our country with 70,000 taking part... the subject is never out of the news", says Jef Colruyt. "You have a sense that everything is beginning to move on slightly. I can say with confidence that we at Colruyt Group have realised for a very long time that time is running out. That we shouldn’t jump on the bandwagon, but pull it. So I was immediately full of enthusiasm when Sign for my Future came knocking at my door."

Sign for my Future wants a more ambitious climate policy.

Constant efforts

Colruyt Group is working unceasingly at reducing CO2 emissions. Sustainable energy supplier Eoly is installing wind turbines to generate our own energy. In order to reduce the mountain of waste, waste is collected and recycled at recycling centres. And fuel specialist DATS 24 is focusing on developing sustainable fuels. "In brief, everything on which we have an actual impact. I know that many of our employees are also working on this every day", Jef Colruyt goes on to add.

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With this initiative, we contribute to the following Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

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