5 reasons why 1 in 5 shop staff cycle to work

Cycling is healthy and environmentally friendly. But we’re not telling you anything new. Nevertheless, every day you hear about morning or evening rush hour traffic jams on the radio. Just count how many of your colleagues drive to work. With us, almost 20% of our shop staff cycle to work each day. Here are 5 reasons why cycling is their first choice, not their last.

1. They work close to home

On average, employees of OKay, Bio-Planet or any of our other store formulas, live twice as close to work as our employees in central services. Why’s that? Because we focus our recruiting close to our shops. Also, why would you work at Colruyt in Roeselare if you live in Dendermonde where there’s also a Colruyt? You can find great colleagues in all our shops.

2. Hurray, a company bike!

All our employees have the right to a company bike, wherever they work. And if they’d rather use their own bike, they can of course. A company bike comes with a free bike kit which includes a bike helmet, a fluorescent tabard, a repair kit, raincoat, etc. All you need to get through the traffic safe and dry!

3. Cycling allowance? Of course.

In Belgium it’s only natural, if you use your bike, you’ll be reimbursed

4. The shops have good facilities for cyclists

Covered cycle storage, changing rooms, lockers… Everything’s there to make it as easy as possible for cyclists. Because if you’ve just cycled several kilometres, you don't want to have to worry about your bike or your cycling clothes.

5. Electric bikes are another option

Do you live more than 7 kilometres from work? Then simply opt for an electric bike. You can recharge it easily at work. Just plug it in and, at the end of the day, ride smoothly home.

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With this initiative, we contribute to the following Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

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