100% recycled, a handy box bonus

Although Colruyt’s black folding box just arrived on the shelves, it already had a full life. Indeed, the box is made of discarded Collect&Go folding boxes. Every year, we recycle about 70,000 of them. That gives us 80,000 kg of waste that can be used as base material for new folding boxes, made in Belgium!

Circular economy in practice

Using waste as base material for new products is what circular economy is all about. The discarded folding boxes of our online shopping service Collect&Go have been part of it for a while now. We remove damaged or extremely dirty boxes from circulation and send them to a Belgian recycling company. They grind the boxes into granules used to make many new products.

Damaged folding boxes
Collect&Go already gave its customers more than a million blue folding boxes. When they are worn or damaged, we gather them for recycling.

The circle is complete

Since May 2019 we are taking another step on the circular road. The recycling company uses the granules of our discarded boxes to make new boxes for Colruyt. This completes the circle, from folding box to folding box. It is easy to recycle the old boxes by the way, because they are made of pure polypropylene.

Granules to make new boxes
Old folding boxes are ground into granules, material for new boxes.

100% Belgian

This circular trajectory is 100% Belgian. The entire process stays in our country: the production of new blue boxes, processing the waste into granules and the production of new black boxes. In this way, we keep the material and waste flows under control. We also avoid unnecessary transport and export of plastic waste. Indeed, we cannot monitor waste processing and recycling abroad.

Product of a closed circuit in Belgium.
Product of a closed circuit in our own country.

With this initiative, we contribute to the following Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

Responsible consumption & production