Towards a revival of more sustainable white eggs

Brown eggs, you are so used to them you might almost forget white eggs also exist. Well then: research teaches us that white eggs are more sustainable and as tasty and nutritious as brown ones. Enough reasons for us to propose white eggs again in about forty Colruyt and OKay stores as from September. "The more customers choose white, the more sustainability we gain", says purchase department head Rony Neufkens.

Why are white eggs more sustainable?

White eggs come from white chicken breeds. They need less feed than brown chickens to produce the same number of eggs. Consequently, the production of white eggs consumes less energy. It is a relatively small difference, but it could have a major impact. If all 9 million laying hens in our country were white, we would need 20 million kilos less food every year. Moreover, white laying hens live a little longer and lay eggs longer than brown ones.

White chickens

When and where can we buy these white eggs?

Our suppliers need time to raise white chicks to laying hens. The first white eggs will be available as from September in about 40 Colruyt and OKay stores under our private label Boni Selection. It is interesting to know that all our eggs comply with the same stringent standards. The white eggs will also come from barn chickens with covered outside area from Belgian family businesses.

Will we completely switch to white in time?

Impossible to predict. It usually takes us, consumers, a while to change our habits. We will see how customers in the test stores will react. If the sale of white eggs catches on, we will offer the in more stores, next to the brown varieties. And if, eventually, enough people prefer white, we can gradually reduce the supply of brown eggs. We are providing a more sustainable alternative, the customer will decide.

White chickens at the trough

With this initiative, we contribute to the following Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

Responsible consumption & production