Step by step towards a more sustainable world

You probably try it too: to consume more responsibly. You eat seasonal vegetables. Choose eggs of free-range chickens for your omelette. Use less water and electricity. Think about the clothes you buy. But admit it, it’s not always easy. How do you know if Product A is more sustainable than Product B? And what does that mean? That’s why we aim to inform and inspire you. About how we’re moving, step by step, towards a more sustainable world. With transparent stories and clear icons.

4 icons

To make it clearer for you, from now on we’ll be communicating about sustainability using four themes: health, society, animal welfare and the environment. Each theme has its own striking and recognisable icon. So you can see at a glance what it’s about.

You’ll find all our stories on this website, and read how we do (sustainable) business. Step by step, we try to do a little better each day. Together with you, as an aware consumer. Whether you’re a customer in one of our shops, one of our employees, a supplier, journalist or investor.