Paper, sustainable four times over

Think about your shopping trolley on your previous visit to one of our shops. Did you have any pre-packed apples by any chance? Or kitchen rolls? Maybe the latest Colruyt cookbook? The apple punnet, the kitchen roll, the cookbook: there’s processed paper in each of these products. Just count the number of trees per year! If you buy one of our own brands, the paper or cardboard we use is guaranteed certified or recycled. And paper is a renewable raw material, so that’s doubly good news.

1. In your letterbox

Since 1992, we’ve used only recycled paper for our leaflets. No new trees have had to die for the post you get from us. That also goes for our cookbooks.

2. In your shopping trolley

In our Boni Selection, Everyday and Kangourou own brands, we only sell paper products made from certified wood fibre. So they carry an internationally recognised sustainability label. Take a look at the label on our notebooks, kitchen roll, serviettes, coffee filters, sanitary pads, nappies, tissues, etc.

Boni Selection tissues with PEFC label
Your Boni Selection tissues also carry a sustainability label.

3. In our fruit punnets and charcuterie trays

We make recyclable punnets and trays for fruit and vegetables from our cardboard waste. And our charcuterie trays carry the FSC label for sustainable forest management. So when you buy fruit, vegetables or charcuterie in our shops, you can throw their punnets and trays into the paper recycling. Handy!

Customer with a recyclable fruit punnet in a shop
Our punnets and trays for fruit, vegetables and charcuterie are completely recyclable and are made from sustainable cardboard.

4. In your till receipt

Whether you shop at OKay, Dreamland or one of our other chains, one thing is the same everywhere: your till receipt is made from 100% certified and recycled paper.

Why is our paper sustainable?

We give not 1 but 4 guarantees for sustainable paper. So you can be really sure that you’re buying products which were made with respect for the environment.

  • The wood comes from sustainably managed forests. In these forests, there’s no illegal logging, work is done with respect for the ecosystems and biodiversity, and the flora and fauna’s natural habitat is protected.
  • The wood is cut with respect for the rights and welfare of the local population. And this is done in correct and safe working conditions.
  • Checks are carried out throughout the entire production process.
  • The recycled paper is guaranteed to be made from recycled materials.
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With this initiative, we contribute to the following Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

Responsible consumption & production Life on land