Boni Selection has been around for five years

It was exactly five years ago when the first Boni Selection products appeared on our shelves. At that time, our 'own brand' replaced more than fifty former private labels. Today, the Boni brand has more than 3,000 products, with special ranges such as Bio, Veggie, NO Gluten, Kids and Party. And over the five years that Boni has been around, every day we have taken another step forward in terms of quality, price and sustainability.

Excellent price / quality ratio

With the slogan 'Come home with Boni Selection’, the brand guarantees consumers a good price-quality ratio and often,  just that little bit extra refinement, quality or sustainability. That’s why all our new or renewed products undergo thorough taste and use tests carried out by our employees and customers. In total, more than 4,500 people are already testing at home and 1,350 people visit the test locations in Halle and Haasrode. Customers can also visit our in-store mobile test booths.

Taste tests for own brands
During the taste and use tests, we compare products from our own brands with comparable products from the own brands of competitor retailers.

The Taste and Use Test team has already tested more than 1,000 products from Boni Selection, Everyday and Spar

Sustainable step by step

Boni Selection is taking gradual steps to ensure that its range is sustainable, thereby helping its customers to consume more consciously. In many products the fat, salt or sugar content has been reduced, sometimes dramatically reduced! For a smaller ecological footprint, there is either zero plastic packaging or the amount is either zero or has been reduced or replaced as much as possible. Virtually all coffee and cocoa is certified. When we run specific campaigns for products in the Boni Selection range, e.g. chocolate or ice cream, we support the training projects of our partner, Collibri Foundation. For fresh products, our own brand products are preferably sourced from Belgian farmers. Boni Selection also strives to improve animal welfare: thus all eggs come from free-range hens or hens allowed to roam free, including eggs used in processed products.

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Fruit dish with apples
The cardboard waste from our stores is recycled and processed into new packaging trays for the fresh fruit and vegetables from the Boni range.

Three clear brand layers

Boni Selection is the outcome of a major simplification action. Do you still remember Eldorado, Galaxy or Lisa? Between 2013 and 2016, we gradually brought together around fifty former private labels under the own-brand umbrella of Selection or Everyday. We wanted to create an easier brand structure with three clear layers: national brands, our own brand Boni Selection and our value range Everyday. This makes it easier for you to compare, choose and shop. All the information about our products can be found on our Product Finder and using the app SmartWithFood.

Magnets previous own brands
We used to have around fifty private labels. Now we have brought all of those together under the umbrella of Boni Selection and Everyday.

With this initiative, we contribute to the following Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

Responsible consumption & production