What makes organic eggs organic?

Is it the fact that they have a lot of space, they have their own perch to roost on and they can roam around during the day? The most important inhabitants of organic farm Doba in Retie, supplier of our Boni Selection Bio eggs, clearly feel very comfortable. But what exactly are organic eggs? Are organic eggs the same as free range, or something different? We asked mother hen Dorien Baeyens.

Trusted supplier of Boni Selection Bio

Dorien learned the tricks of the trade at her parents’ veal farm. Over time, the farm switched to free-range hens. When Dorien took over the company in 2013, she took the step to change to organic farming. The farm grew and grew... just like her passion! All of Dorien's eggs end up in Colruyt Group shops and are sold under our own brand Boni Selection Bio.

Dorien Baeyens is a trusted supplier of Boni Selection Bio
Dorien has been passionate about farming eggs for our own brand Boni Selection Bio for many years.

Better for the hens

But what makes organic eggs organic? Just like free-range hens, the hens are allowed to stay outside all day long, from 11 a.m. till it gets dark. However, they have a lot more space. Each of Dorien’s hens has more than 4 m² outside and there are also trees and perches to roost on. They regularly get extra organic corn and pecking stones with alfalfa to pick on. This encourages their natural behaviour. That’s better for their health and for the quality of the eggs!

Every hen has an outside area of more than 4 m².
Plenty of outdoor space, trees and pecking stones are beneficial to the natural behaviour of hens and to the quality of the eggs.

Vegetable feed only

Dorien's hens are kept in several stables and have been specially bred for organic farming. There are no more than 3,000 hens in a stable, which is equivalent to 6 hens per square metre. They are only fed on organically grown food. It is 100 % vegetable-based and consists of wheat, sunflower seeds, soya and maize. Dorien also grows her own organic maize. After all, a well-fed hen lays tasty eggs.  

Good feed makes for tasty eggs
The hens are only fed organic feed, such as Dorien's home-grown organic maize.

With this initiative, we contribute to the following Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

Responsible consumption & production