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Working differently at Colruyt Group

Working at Colruyt Group means realising our mission every day: to create sustainable added value together. We provide support and opportunities, while you can take the initiative and propose ideas. We support your growth, because if you grow, so do we.

The way in which working at Colruyt Group is working differently, is something you feel every day in your job. Whatever the job, and wherever it is that you are working with us.

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With the help of you and your team, small ideas become big results.

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Continue growing. In your job, but also as a human being. That is our focus.

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Never stand still. Together we face the biggest challenges. 

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Jef Colruyt

I realise I must be thankful to our people. We can grow as they grow, not the other way around. A company is like an orchard. If you take good care of each tree, you can later reap the harvest in gratitude.