Grow together

Continued learning and development, that’s important to us. Because if you make progress, everyone gets better. Not only professionally but also personally. That is why we invest around 30 million euros each year in training. By external coaches , but also internal trainings at our own training centre, Colruyt Group Academy.

You can follow a wide range of courses with us. Examples include negotiation, languages ​​and leadership, but also self-development and yoga. 

A few other examples: 
  • Craftsmanship: skills, attitudes and knowledge 
  • Negotiation, creativity, languages, presenting, ...
  • Personal development
  • Self-knowledge, personality, cooperation, time management, mindfulness, ...
  • Health
  • Yoga, quitting smoking, back training, ...

Work-life balance

You are paid for every minute you work.  Overtime can be used or saved. Once you leave work, you will no longer be expected to answer any emails or phone calls. We respect the right to inaccessibility. 

And if your job allows it, you’ll also be given the chance to work regionally. We have offices in Halle, Deinze, Leuven and Mechelen, and also shared offices in various shops and distribution centres. 

A warm welcome

We want you to get a good view of our organisation right away. Your own shop or department will provide a welcome programme and you will be assigned a buddy to show you the ropes right from the start.  

You will receive coaching to get the most out of your talents. You will for example have plenty of opportunities for discussion with your manager, and the chance to ask questions. During development talks you will together look for ways to stimulate further development. 


Ilona, Purchasing Assistant, Dreamland

At my previous job I had to figure everything out myself and that didn’t always work so well. Fortunately, here I was provided assistance from the start. As a result, I already feel like a fully fledged employee after a few weeks.

Do together


With the help of you and your team, small ideas become big results.

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Dream together


Never stand still. Together we face the biggest challenges. 

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