Colruyt Butchery

Since 1950, the Colruyt butcher shop has represented expertise, certified quality, and a wide range for the lowest prices. We want to highlight this with our own Colruyt expert brand.

Sustainability and Colruyt expertise

We use recyclable cardboard containers to package the cut cold meats at the Colruyt butcher shops. They are easily recognisable from the Colruyt expert logo on the package. Our container is a sustainable packaging that can be completely recycled. Once it is free of meat, the container can go in the waste paper bin. The container is encased in a thin, transparent foil that takes up almost no space and can be thrown out with the general waste. 


Organic and Colruyt expertise

Our Colruyt butcher shops also sell organic meat, which can also be recognised from the Colruyt expertise logo. The difference between the organic meat and the other meat is indicated by the green label and the clear ‘BIO’ written on the package. 


Colruyt expertise: quality and expertise for the lowest price


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Available at all Colruyt stores