Our engagements and partnerships

More than ever we are building sustainable collaborations. These help us in our mission to create sustainable added value for people and environment together. Both the co-operations with partners and our concrete engagements are an important lever to realise our sustainability goals.

Our engagements

Together with other players in the retail sector we translate our goals in the field of sustainability into concrete engagements.   

Green Deals

The Green Deals of the Flemish government exist of voluntary agreements between (private) partners and the Flemish government to start green projects together, around specific themes. Colruyt Group has already endorsed several Green Deals in the past years with a clear link to our own activities. 

Shared mobility 
With the focus on car sharing, carpooling and bike sharing, this Green Deal aimed to shift shared mobility into a higher gear. We contributed by stimulating the supply and demand for shared mobility with our co-workers (through a carpool platform among other things) and exchanged knowledge and experiences with the other endorsers. 
Circular procurement

During the Green Deal 'Circular procurement' various companies and organisations investigated how they can close energy and material circular courses in the supply chain. In total, the Green deal resulted in more than 100 circular purchasing experiments, with the development of new tools and methods and the exchange of knowledge and experiences.

Companies and biodiversity
The aim of the Green Deal 'Companies and biodiversity' is to increase the biodiversity in business areas and to reinforce its support basis. An ambition that we fully get behind, seen as we have been investing for years ourselves in the 16,5 hectares of green around our stores, distribution centres, and offices
Circular building
With the Green Deal 'Circular building', we engage ourselves to re-use as much materials as possible or to recycle them in a high-grade manner, in order to reduce the waste streams and consume less primary resources. Within this Green Deal, we are the pioneer where it concerns the high-grade recycling of aerated concrete. 
Sustainable urban logistics
Via the Green Deal 'Sustainable urban logistics', we are committed to help reduce emissions from goods transport in our cities and thus contribute to better air quality. With greener means of transport, for example, and by driving fewer kilometres. 
Climate-friendly refrigeration

With the Green Deal 'Climate-friendly refrigeration', we continue on our already chosen path: we keep systematically replacing old cooling installations that work on F-gases with more sustainable alternatives with natural cooling. A switch that we have been working on since 2015. 

Protein shift on our plates

The Green Deal 'Protein shift on our plates' strives towards a ratio of 60% plant-based and 40% animal-based proteins on our plates by 2030. Bio-Planet, Okay, Colruyt Lowest Prices and Solucious commit themselves to help support this transition, with accessible information for the consumer and a broad, innovative offer of plant-based alternatives.

Packaged differently

The Green Deal 'Packaged differently' focuses on avoiding or re-using single use packagings. In addition to sharing knowledge and exchanging experiences, concrete pilot projects are also foreseen. As a retailer, we work on more sustainable packagings on our store shelves through many large and small projects.


Science Based Targets initiative

The Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) helps companies translate their climate ambitions into science-based targets to achieve the Paris climate agreement commitments: a maximum climate warming of 1.5 °C. In April 2023, the SBTi validated our emission reduction targets.

Specifically, we sharpened the level of ambition of our CO2 reduction targets for our own activities (scope 1 and 2 of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol). For the first time, we also formulated targets to reduce the climate impact of the products we sell (scope 3), mainly focusing on the climate plans of our suppliers and the use phase of the electronic devices and fossil fuels we sell. We will report on our progress annually and adjust and/or extend our targets where necessary.

Sustainability Initiative Fruit and Vegetables

Colruyt Group is part of the sector initiative Sustainability Initiative Fruit and Vegetables (SIFAV), through which we are – together with the other partners – actively contributing to a more sustainable supply chain for fresh vegetables and fruit. Both ecologically and socially. Together with Delhaize and the Belgian divisions of Aldi, Lidl and Jumbo, we signed a commitment to guarantee workers at banana plantations a living wage by 2027.

Beyond Chocolate

In 2018 we co-signed Beyond Chocolate. This sector agreement wants to improve the living conditions of cocoa producers by 2030, inter alia by guaranteeing them a living income. The cocoa farmers in our chain project in Ivory Coast already receive a living income reference price from us.

Green Consumption Pledge

In January 2021, Colruyt Group was one of the first endorsers of the European Green Consumption Pledge , whereby a number of leading companies voluntarily committed themselves to promote more sustainable consumption and production patterns. Specifically, we made a commitment to reduce our own ecological footprint and to clearly communicate our sustainability approach to consumers and other stakeholders. In that way, we promote the dialogue in society and we create a common basis for increasing sustainability further.

EU Code of Conduct on Responsible Food Business and Marketing Practices

In July 2021, Colruyt Group co-endorsed the European ‘Code of Conduct on Responsible Food Business and Marketing Practices’. With it, companies in the retail sector and food industry commit to improving their performance and communication in the area of sustainability. In concrete terms, we are committed to promoting more sustainable consumption patterns and to reducing the ecological footprint of food products.

An important achievement in this field is the Eco-score that we introduced in March 2021 as the first Belgian retailer. Thanks to this choice indicator, customers know the ecological footprint of a product at a glance and can make environmentally conscious choices more easily.

Our partnerships

We exchange knowledge and experiences with committed, like-minded partners via partnerships. 

CIFAL Flanders 

Colruyt Group is a partner organisation of the ‘SDG Learning Network’ of CIFAL Flanders, the Flemish expertise centre for the Sustainable Development Goals.

By integrating sustainability into all aspects of our entrepreneurship, we actively contribute to the realisation of these 17 sustainability goals of the United Nations. As 'SDG Voice', we keep pulling the cart together with other pacesetters - in Belgium and outside of it.


The Shift

The Shift is a network of diverse Belgian organisations and companies, united around a common goal: actively striving together towards a more sustainable economy and society. The Sustainable Development Goals form a joint framework that connects, commits and motivates its members to undertake action. At Colruyt Group as well, we see companies as a major engine for change. Through our membership of The Shift, we connect with a wider network of sustainability pioneers and can take action together.