The Eco-score makes eco-friendly choices easier

We are all trying to lead more sustainable and conscious lives, step by step. Also when it comes to food. When you put sandwich fillings in your shopping trolley, you not only want excellent taste, you also want the smallest possible ecological footprint. Is it best to take young Gouda cheese or chicken breast? And do you prefer coffee or milk as a drink? The Eco-score makes it a lot easier to choose eco-friendly products. It allows you to make the right choices, in no time, for the environment, and therefore for all of us.

Eco-Score: Vinz makes eco logical

The Eco-Score is a handy rating system – from A to E – that tells you how environmentally friendly a product is. Find out all about it.

Serve a nice Eco-score

Boni Selection introduces the Eco-score on more than 2,500 food products. This way, you can easily make environmentally friendly choices while shopping.

Why an Eco-score?

If you choose a product with a good Eco-score, then you are doing your bit for a better environment. No matter how small, every gesture counts.

What is the footprint of your shopping trolley?

The figures on the environmental impact of food are undeniable. Fortunately, you can make a big difference with your everyday food choices.

What does the Eco-score look like?

The Eco-score is similar to the Nutri-Score: products are given a letter and color code from A (green: low environmental impact) to E (red: high environmental impact).

How do we calculate the Eco-score?

The Eco-score summarises the environmental impact throughout the entire life cycle of a product. In addition, extra plus or minus points can be awarded.

How can you be good for the environment?

With these tips, you can do good for the environment in no time. From choosing seasonal fruit and vegetables to being creative with leftovers.

A more sustainable product range

The Eco-score helps you to consume more sustainably. And it helps us to reduce the ecological impact of our private label products.

Frequently asked questions

Can I calculate the Eco-Score myself? Is the Eco-Score the same as the ‘carbon footprint’? To what extent does transport play a role?

Answers to these and other frequently asked questions can be found in our FAQ section.