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Press release
Press release

About us

Colruyt Group is a Belgian family business which, over three generations, has grown into a retail group with more than 33,000 workers, active in three countries. And the group still has the strengths of a family business, such as passion, expertise, simplicity and efficiency. Our aim is sustainable growth, with respect for health, society, animal welfare and the environment.

A few initiatives regarding sustainable entrepreneurship

By planting 12 million trees, Colruyt Group wants to actively capture our remaining emission greenhouse gases.

The Collibri Foundation offers underprivileged young people opportunities to a successful future, both in Belgium and abroad.

The Eco-score makes it easier to make eco-friendly choices. At a glance you can see information about the environmental impact of a product.

Colruyt Group brands

Consumers can go to one of the more than 40 Colruyt Group store formulas, webshops or services at every stage of their lives. Every brand has its own identity, but our underlying mission, values and principles are the same. In this way every brand contributes to our aim for ‘simplicity in retail’.

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