OKay has been the practical neighbourhood supermarket for 25 years now, where shopping for your daily items is fast, inexpensive and convenient. At OKay you get service and quality at the lowest prices in the neighbourhood. We offer fresh products all day long, such as bread, fruit and vegetables, meat, fish and ready meals, as well as a wide range of other foodstuffs.

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At OKay you will find a wide range in a limited space. This allows you to do your daily shopping smoothly and efficiently. You can find us in easily accessible places, so you can avoid traffic jams and long journeys. You will quickly find a parking space in our large car parks.


At OKay you get service and quality at the lowest prices in the neighbourhood. Moreover, with Xtra you enjoy all the benefits of OKay on top of the lowest price. Have you seen a lower price somewhere else? Feel free to talk to the store manager. 


Our shops are clearly laid out so that you can find all the products quickly. And if there is anything you can't find, our staff will be happy to help. The practical recipes and tips in our brochure will inspire you and help you put a tasty meal on the table in no time. 

OKay Compact: the shop in the neighbourhood, for the neighbours

OKay Compact is open 7 days a week for your daily shopping.

Just like OKay, OKay Compact is a real neighbourhood supermarket, but in a slightly more compact area. Your shopping will be fast, inexpensive and convenient, while you can choose from a wide range of fresh products. Fruit and vegetables, meat, fish, poultry, bread and cakes... 

Bij OKay Compact kan je je eigen slaatje samenstellen in onze saladbar

And that is not all. In addition to our regular selection of delicious food, at OKay Compact you can also:

  • Create your own salad in our salad bar
  • Quickly heat up something in our microwave oven
  • Eat your lunch on the spot
  • Choose from a wide range of on-the-go products such as fresh sandwiches 

A few figures

Founded in 1998

144 OKay-stores
11 OKay Compact-stores
1 OKay Direct-store
on 31/3/2022


+32 (0)2 361 67 74

Reachable every day
Monday to Saturday 7 am to 8 pm 
Friday to 9 pm
Sunday 10 am to 8 pm

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