Our business strategy

As a retail company, we will continue to meet our customer's needs in the future. In order to do that, we will focus our efforts around 4 pillars: our strategic focus for the coming years. With concrete initiatives and results that you can also read about here.

Our strategic focus

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Cost efficiency

Consciously handling money and resources and consciously investing them in the future.

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Physical & digital

Taking the lead in online shopping as well, using data as a source of insights and revenue.

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Being the best retailer

Focusing on our craftsmanship to excel in all our areas of expertise.

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Growing together

Daring to innovate and launch new collaborations and brands.

This is how we realise our business strategy

Thanks to investments in new technologies and innovations, we are retail-ready for the future. Discover them in our stores.

Colruyt Group sees considerable potential in cities. With an adapted range of options, our various store formats meet the needs of urban residents.

How do we aim to achieve growth in the B2B market? By combining the strengths of our brands in a strong joint offer. Find out what our approach is.

Realising our strategy together: support activities

To carry out our activities as a retail company and realise our business strategy, we can rely on our support activities.

Discover our support activities