What is Step by step?

Colruyt Group wants to take its sustainable aspirations to the next level with ‘step by step’. We want to start a positive spiral from our position as a market leader in retail and in the production chain. This is how we really get our customers on the path to a more conscious way of consuming.

We are becoming increasingly sustainable ...

Sustainability has been a common thread through our operations for decades. We are a company driven by values that takes its responsibility seriously. We are committed to making our activities increasingly sustainable, focusing on the planet and all its inhabitants.

We are gradually making our product range and services more sustainable. We are investing in new, more sustainable technology in the energy, transport, shop design and construction sectors.  We do this in close cooperation with our suppliers, our manufacturers, our employees and our partners, etc. 

... so that you are able to consume in a more conscious way ...

Our joint initiatives and efforts that have a positive impact on health, society, animal welfare and the environment we make tangible. We do this using 4 icons corresponding to these 4 major themes.

Products, services and initiatives with strong aspirations and a demonstrable impact on one of those four areas are given an icon. This is how we inform our customers using specific evidence. We show them that they can really make a difference even through the choices they make every day of the week.

... and together we are making more sustainable choices.

It’s not one-way traffic. We are asking everyone to contribute to our sustainability aspirations step by step create the world we want to live in. Because our future is in our own hands.

How does our sustainable savings programme work?

Choose Eco-score A or B and save points in your Xtra app. Discover how you can use them to support charities in Belgium.

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Our health icon helps you to make conscious choices for a healthy and balanced life.

The environment icon allows customers to make environmental choices more easily.

Based on the animal welfare icon you can easily choose products for which we make an effort to give the animals a better life.

The environment icon allows customers to make environmental choices more easily.

This is how together we contribute to a more sustainable world, step by step.