Colruyt Group Fine Food

Colruyt Group is the only food retailer in Belgium with its own food production departments on an industrial scale, grouped under Colruyt Group Fine Food. This is where we develop, produce and package the private label products for our company's various store formulas. With passion for our profession.


What are the products made by Colruyt Group Fine Food?

  • At Fine Food Bread, we bake bread and pastries: fresh, pre-baked and frozen.
  • Fine Food Cheese is the largest cheese processing plant in Belgium and processes some 71 different cheeses.
  • Fine Food Coffee is the only coffee roasting company in Belgium that roasts, blends and packs almost 40 varieties of coffee.
  • In our meat processing plant in Halle, Fine Food Meat cuts, processes and packs beef, veal and pork. The site in Wommelgem is for poultry products and preparations.
  • At Fine Food Spreads, we produce home-made salad spreads and sauces.
  • Fine Food Smart Crops grows herbs with minimal environmental impact in our own high-tech vertical farm .
  • At Fine Food Wine, we bottle wines from all over the world ourselves.
Fine Food Bread
Fine Food Cheese

Making food more sustainable, step by step

Thanks to in-house production and our many years of craftsmanship, we can work cost-efficiently and guarantee tasty products of consistent quality. We continue to expand and evolve flexibly with the changing needs of our customers. Above all, we want to be a reference in sustainable food production in terms of health, society, animal welfare and the environment. A small selection of our sustainability initiatives at Colruyt Group Fine Food:

And all that without compromising on taste, of course! This is how we create added value for our private labels and our customers.