Conscious consumerism, step by step

You can make a real difference with everyday choices. We have selected four themes that are important to our consumers and to us: health, society, animal welfare and the environment. An icon is displayed on the products, services and initiatives with strong ambitions and a demonstrable impact on any of these four areas.

What is Step by step?

You want to shop consciously, with attention for your health, society, animal welfare and the environment. 4 icons make it easy for you.


The Eco-score makes it easier to make eco-friendly choices. At a glance you can see information about the environmental impact of a product.


The Nutri-Score is a handy food label that allows you to compare the nutritional values of products within the same assortment at a glance.

List of food concepts

You will find a lot of information on the packaging of our own products. But what exactly do we mean by labels such as ‘veggie’, ‘Belgian’ or ‘halal’? This list will help you on your way.