Animal welfare

The animal welfare icon makes it easier for you to choose those products and services with ease where considerable effort has been made to give animals a better quality of life. In addition, we are keeping our finger on the pulse and looking at how we can systematically continue to improve conditions.

Initiatives regarding animal welfare

Responsible pork production

Together with our (organic) pig farmers, we make efforts to improve animal welfare. And that’s definitely a win-win.

Animal- and environmentally-friendly eggs

We ban cage eggs, and introduce additional production standards, white eggs and eggs from cockerel-friendly hatcheries, to make our assortment more sustainable.

Colruyt Group's new welfare chicken: better well-being for broiler chickens

By 2026, chicks will hatch directly in their stalls and we will apply higher animal welfare criteria based on the Better Chicken Commitment.

Stunned slaughter and audits at slaughterhouses

Our stores only sell fresh meat and meat preparations from animals that have been stunned before slaughter. Our own and independent checks closely monitor this.

Rabbits from animal-friendly park systems

Colruyt Group is committed to the welfare of meat rabbits. We choose rabbits from animal-friendly park systems in Belgium.

Animal welfare in cattle

We guarantee the welfare of cattle via the Belbeef standard, the organic label and direct partnerships with Belgian producer organisations.