Responsible pork production

And so we think it is important to treat animals with respect and to look after their welfare. We observe the law, but also perform extra checks and formulate additional requirements whenever necessary. Together with our pig farmers, we continue to take improvement initiatives.

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Updated on 17/10/2023

Quality in specifications

In addition to the legal obligations, our pork suppliers also follow the extra quality requirements in our evolving specifications. Today’s version is already the seventh.

A few criteria in our specifications:

  • The feed contains at least 60 % cereals to guarantee the quality of the meat.
  • To avoid unpleasant odor (boar taint) when frying the meat, male piglets may not be physically castrated. All male piglets are either vaccinated against boar taint or given a specialized feed with a specific combination of nutrients to avoid boar taint. The absence of physical castration also reduces the risk of infections, making antibiotics less likely to be needed.
  • Antibiotics are used responsibly and in a controlled way.
  • Growth promoters are prohibited by law.
  • The animals are stunned before slaughter.
Pig farm All our suppliers respect both legal and our additional quality requirements.

Improving the living conditions of animals is a continuous learning curve and we want to continue making additional improvements. In dialogue with the whole sector and the competent authorities, and together with our suppliers, we continue to work on more animal welfare throughout the chain.

Organic pork

For the pork on our shop shelves, we also work with Belgian partners so we can set up a transparent chain. One such partner is, a pig farm in Ruiselede. A modern organic farm where technology and attention to animal welfare go hand in hand.

Wim Haeck, organic pig farmer at
Our pigs get organic feed and more space. And they can walk around freely!

An organic pig farm also follows the stricter requirements of the organic legislation. The pigs can behave more naturally: rooting in straw, going outside, walking around freely... With three to five times more space to express themselves than in a traditional farm. And the piglets stay with their mothers longer.

Besides complying with the strict organic criteria, our West-Flemish partner makes extra efforts. For example, the animals have seven times more natural light than legally required. Via we want to support more pig farmers in switching to an organic approach or to more animal-friendly barns.

The organic pork is available at Bio-Planet and Colruyt Lowest Prices since the end of August 2019.

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