A society where nobody is left behind

Society, that's us and you. As a Belgian retailer, we want to do business in an inclusive and people-oriented way, based on our values such as respect for the individual, togetherness and connection between people. For and with everyone, also for people experiencing problems. 

What exactly we understand under 'society' is explained  in our definitions.

What does Colruyt Group do for a strong, inclusive society?

1 Local anchoring

Close to our retail and production activities we want to cause as little disruption as possible. Urban planning, mobility, safety, noise, air quality and less litter are important topics on which we enter into dialogue with the local authorities and local residents.

In addition, we want to effectively create an added value for the neighbourhood.  We actively look for connections with club life, local networks and local producers.

2 Belgian and international chain projects

We enter into direct partnerships with Belgian farmers. Through dialogue, together we look for specific solutions that work in their real context.

Through our international chain projects, we also want to support primary agricultural producers in developing regions to improve their living conditions. This is why we work with partner organisations that know the context of these farmers.

Our aim is to create a sustainable added value in an economic, social and ecological field.

3 Supporting future generations

Through our Collibri Foundation , we offer domestic and foreign young people with fewer opportunities the chance of a successful future through education, guidance and exchange. We do this with universities and partner organisations.

4 Sharing knowledge

We want to be a point of inspiration and reference and share our accumulated knowledge and experience with other stakeholders in society. We believe in the principle of co-creation: looking for solutions to societal challenges together.

Our objectives and initiatives

International chain projects

By 2025 we will have 20 international chain projects.

Status 2022

Goal 2025

We have not yet set any goals for ‘Inclusive society’.

Initiatives about 'Inclusive society'