Smart and sustainable mobility

We cover a lot of miles together This presents a number of challenges: traffic congestion, parking pressure, accidents, noise pollution and emissions of CO2, NOx and fine particles. With challenges also come great opportunities for smart, innovative and sustainable mobility.

What exactly we understand under health is explained in our definitions.

What does Colruyt Group do for sustainable mobility?

We want to organise mobility efficiently, safely and with  respect for people's health, the environment and the climate. This allows us to fulfil our social mission and guarantee accessibility in society together with others. In particular, we focus on lower mileage, zero-emission mobility and road safety.

As a retailer we have an impact on the mobility of

Our approach is summarised as follows:

  • Avoid: as few unnecessary trips as possible for our workers, customers and goods
  • Shift: alternative, sustainable means of transport (modal shift)
  • Clean: alternative, green fuels without any emissions
  • Health and safety: zero traffic victims
  • Deepen: based on expertise and insights from objective data and information
  • Connect: inspire and cooperate with other companies, partners, interest groups and the authorities

Our objectives and initiatives

Alternative means of transport

By 2024, 40% of our co-workers will come to work by foot, by bicycle, by carpool or by public transport.

Status 2022

Goal 2024

Initiatives about 'Employee mobility'

By 2035, all the freight transport carried out by and for Colruyt Group will be zero-emission across the entire value chain.

We have not yet set any goals for ‘Customer mobility’.

Initiatives about 'Customer mobility'