Green mobility, also for our customers

We support and stimulate the transition toward a sustainable mobility system. Thanks to an extensive network of DATS 24 service stations and charging stations we make more sustainable, alternative fuels accessible to everyone. 

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Updated on 27/07/2023

Extensive network of electric charging points

Colruyt Group's energy and mobility player, DATS 24, is developing a network of charging solutions for electric cars, particularly at the group's store car parks. This allows customers to charge their electric cars while they're shopping with green and Belgian power. DATS 24 is continuously expanding this network of charging points at the store car parks of Colruyt Lowest prices, Okay and Bio-Planet. Several DATS 24 service stations already have fast chargers , which charge the car in 30 minutes. 

EV charging point DATS 24 is systematically expanding its network of electric charging stations at store car parks

electric charging stations in 2022 (almost every one of them with two charging points) 


DATS 24 service stations with CNG pump in 2022

CNG: alternative for petrol or diesel

Cars running on CNG (compressed natural gas) emit significantly fewer fine particles, nitrogen oxides and CO₂ than petrol and diesel cars. Moreover, natural gas is completely safe and can never contaminate soil or water. DATS 24 opened its first CNG station in 2011 and is the leading fuel supplier of natural gas for vehicles in Belgium. We see CNG as a transitional fuel toward electric and hydrogen mobility. DATS 24 also provides AdBlue, a mixture that reacts with exhaust gases to break down harmful nitrogen oxides (NOx), for people who still drive diesel cars.

filling up with CNG Cars running on CNG emit significantly fewer polluting substances than petrol and diesel cars

First hydrogen filling stations for private persons

Although the technology is still under development, we believe hydrogen will play an important role in the future. Colruyt Group's ambition is to help launch the hydrogen economy in Belgium in the field of mobility. Since October 2018, Colruyt Group has been selling green hydrogen fuel to private persons through DATS 24. 

Customers fill up at DATS 24 with green hydrogen. Customers can also fill up at DATS 24 with green hydrogen.
  • The first hydrogen filling station was built in Halle (Dassenveld), and integrated into the existing DATS 24 station. All types of conventional and alternative fuels are available at this service station, including 100% green hydrogen, produced locally with green power from our own wind turbines.
  • In 2022, new hydrogen stations opened in Wilrijk and Haasrode, bringing the total to three. Together these stations sold 10 tons of hydrogen.
  • More openings will follow in the course of 2023 in Ollignies, Herve and Erpe-Mere.

A network of hydrogen service stations is not an isolated story. We have been investing in innovative projects using hydrogen for logistics applications since 2004. In the coming years we will continue to invest in the hydrogen economy, which includes opening new service stations and producing green hydrogen. 

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