Zero emission transport for goods

We are making our freight transport ever more sustainable. By 2035, all the freight transport carried out by and for Colruyt Group will be zero-emission across the entire value chain. With zero emission transport, we want to reduce our emission of greenhouse gasses in the field of freight transport to zero.

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Updated on 02/01/2023

Zero emission transport by 2035

To reduce our emission of greenhouse gasses by 42% by 2030 (compared to 2021), we take on one of our biggest emission hotspots: transport. By 2030 we will make our own freight transport zero-emission: battery-electric or hydrogen-electric vehicles with no emissions at all. By 2035, we take the next step: our goods transport will run entirely on green electricity and hydrogen. 

Our transport objectives in a nutshell.

Together towards zero-emission

We do not only want to make the transfer towards zero emission transport for our fleet. We also want to involve our suppliers and transport partners on this journey. All the transport carried out by our drivers, suppliers, and transport partners for Colruyt Group will be completely emission-free by 2035. In concrete, it concerns the delivery of goods to our distribution centres, stores and customers.

Impact of zero emission transport

Around 1,200 optimally filled trucks hit the road to supply our stores daily. Combined, our drivers cover up to 200,000 kilometres a day. That is five times around the earth. The zero emission transport will green all those kilometres. From 2035, if you buy a product from one of our stores, you will be sure that it has reached our shelves or gets delivered to your home completely emission-free.

How do we realise zero emission transport?


For our fleet, we commit fully to battery-electric and hydrogen-electric zero emission vehicles, the first step towards our ambition.

We have the internal expertise to realise zero emission transport across the entire value chain.

  • DATS 24 has experience in the distribution of fuels and the development of charging infrastructure.
  • For years, Virya Energy has been producing renewable electricity. It is now increasingly focussing on green hydrogen.

We also want to share our expertise. To that end, we enter into dialogue with the transport partners that drive for us and our suppliers that directly sell and deliver goods to Colruyt Group.

Colruyt Group has been pioneering the electrification of transport for 19 years

An overview of the steps we took over the years

  • LP_image-mobile_nacht.jpg

    We start our research into electric trucks for silent delivery.

    How many years later can we put this into practice...?

  • We build the first hybrid diesel-electric truck in Europe, but with limited operational use.

  • Dassenveld tankstation.jpg

    We open our first hydrogen refuelling station (with on-site hydrogen production) for our forklift trucks at Dassenveld.

  • ETT.jpg

    Our first electric terminal tractor is in operation.

    • We launch our first internal Zero Emission Transport roadmap.
    • We open our first public hydrogen refuelling station.
  • LP_reference_zero-emissietransport.jpg

    We perform a test with the first 44-tonne hydrogen truck in the EU, developed by our partner VDL.

  • Electrische vrachtwagen test.jpg

    The research we started in 2005 pays off! We are the first retailer to test silent delivery with a battery-electric 44-tonne truck.

  • We make our ambitions for zero emission transport public.

  • elektrische-vrachtwagen.jpg
    • We commission new, 100% electric vehicles: one 44-tonne truck and five refrigerated box trucks.
    • We are now also using a new electric terminal tractor at our distribution centre in Ghislenghien.
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