Sustainable and innovative entrepreneur

Investing in the future of our company means investing in sustainable and innovative initiatives. We are creative in devising solutions and do this responsibly, with respect for people, planet and prosperity. 

Confidently innovative

Creativity and room to experiment have been part of Colruyt Group's culture since its establishment. When we were under pressure, we have always been very inventive. Whereas in the past, innovation used to, at times, be an accidental consequence of the desire to work price- and cost-efficiently, today it is a response to social change. 

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Our world is constantly evolving. As human beings, we welcome evolutions such as freedom of choice, material well-being and technological convenience. At the same time, we face major challenges in protecting natural resources, technology and production, etc. Innovation allows us to meet these challenges and hone our ability to be flexible. 

Sustainability as the recurrent theme

Sustainability has been the recurrent theme running through our activities for more than fifty years. Our ambitions reach far and our standards are high. We want to be a reference for corporate sustainability in Belgium. In everything we do. Considerable human and financial resources are used for this.

We are proud of what we have already achieved, but also realise that corporate sustainability is never finished. Every day again, we go to great lengths to make a meaningful difference together, also for future generations.


As a sustainable and innovative entrepreneur

We are continuously looking for original innovative solutions and do this responsibly, with respect for people, planet and prosperity.

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