12 sites to make the difference

Our sustainability policy focuses on a number of themes: our 12 sites. For each of these sites, we believe we can make a concrete positive impact, in every link of the chain. We want to formulate specific, clear objectives for each site.

Why 'site'?

It's a strong metaphor, full of meaning. A site is a work in progress, something that isn't finished yet. A theme we continue to work on with many experts. One stone on top of the other, higher and higher. This is entirely in keeping with our vision on corporate sustainability. Because our work is never finished. We keep building together.

To combat the greenhouse effect and climate change, Colruyt Group continuously endeavours to reduce its direct and indirect CO₂ emissions.

Colruyt Group wants to increase, restore, protect or prevent the loss of biodiversity and increase the support for and awareness of this.

A better quality of life for animals, that is what we are committed to. With special attention to good health, nutrition, housing and natural behaviour.

The most sustainable energy is the energy we do not consume. Besides reducing our energy consumption, we are fully committed to green energy.

As a retailer, we want to help our customers and workers lead a healthy lifestyle. Physically, mentally and socially.

Colruyt Group uses raw materials in a sustainable and circular way. We want to conserve available resources and minimise their impact on people and the environment.

Thanks to sustainable, innovative and Belgian agriculture we provide high-quality food for our customers. Now, and in the future.

We want to organise mobility efficiently and safely, with respect for people's health, the environment and the climate.

As a Belgian retailer we want to contribute to a strong, inclusive society. For and with everyone, also for people experiencing problems.

We want to make learning and developing together possible for everyone. Through training, coaching and partnerships, we promote a growth mindset where continuous learning is key.

Colruyt Group values correct working conditions, both for its own workers and in very link of the chain.

Every drop counts. That is why Colruyt Group focuses on circular water usage and we reduce the water footprint of our products and services.