Does a product, initiative or service promote a safe and respectful environment you can live in? If so, you can recognise it by the community icon. If you support an initiative with the community icon or choose a product with that icon, you are contributing to a better society.

Initiatives regarding society

Zero emission transport for goods

We make a big deal out of sustainable freight transport. By 2035, all of our freight transport will be zero emission. Here you can discover how.

Courteous and safe freight transport

All our drivers undertake to drive courteously and safely. Our lorries are equipped with blind-spot cameras, and through sessions at school we alert children to the dangers of the road.

12 million trees for clean air

By planting 12 million trees, Colruyt Group wants to actively capture our remaining emission greenhouse gases.

Sustainable fish

Thanks to the MSC and ASC label, and evaluations by independent researchers, we can offer more sustainable fish products.

More Belgian fruit and vegetables

Colruyt, Bio-Planet and OKay will offer even more Belgian fruit and veg. This supports Belgian farmers and limits imports.

Sea farm for Belgian mussels

In Sea Farm Westdiep, we grow mussels 5 km off the Belgian coast. Since 2023 the first Belgian mussels are offered in our Cru stores.