Make smarter choices with the Nutri-Score

The Nutri-Score is a handy indicator that allows you to compare the nutritional values of products within the same assortment at a glance. This makes it easier to make a conscious and balanced food choice. The Nutri-Score can be found on the packaging of all Boni Selection, Okay- and Spar products.

What is the Nutri-Score?

The Nutri-Score translates the nutritional value of products in a clear 5 letter and colour code. The code takes into account both positive points (fibre content, protein, vegetables, fruit, nuts ...) and negative points (kilojoules, fat, saturated fatty acids, sugar, salt ...).

The Nutri-Score is always calculated per 100 g. In other words, it does not take into account the portion you eat of a product. This way you can compare the scores of e.g. different kinds of breakfast cereals or those of ready-made meals. It immediately shows you which products you can eat regularly and which are less suited for a balanced diet.

How is the Nutri-Score calculated?

The Nutri-Score algorithm gives marks to each element in the food table (per 100 g or ml), both for bad (energy, sugars, saturated fatty acids, salt ...) and for favourable (proteins, fibres, ratio fruit, vegetables, nuts, rapeseed oil, walnut oil, olive oil ...) nutrients. The positive marks are deducted from the negative marks and the result is converted into the Nutri-Score according to the table below.

This shows you at a glance which products are recommended and which ones you should limit. The letter A on a green background indicates that a product scores well in terms of general nutritional value. A product with a dark orange E is best eaten or drunk in moderation. Based on the Nutri-Score you receive transparent product information and you can make a conscious choice.

A more accurate Nutri-Score

Update February 2024

To make the Nutri-Score even more reliable, the calculation method was revised in early 2024. In total, about 40% of the products were rerated to better reflect their actual nutritional value. The new algorithm for instance takes into account to a greater extent the levels of sweeteners, sugar, salt, fibre and (un)saturated fats in food. Semi-skimmed and skimmed milk now receive a higher score than whole milk. This helps consumers to make even healthier food choices.     

Producers have until the end of 2025 to alter the Nutri-Score on their packaging accordingly where needed. You can however already find the scores calculated according to the new method on our websites and in our apps. Go to, the Collect&Go app or the Xtra app. 

Where do you find the Nutri-Score?

To make it easier to make conscious choices in our stores, the Nutri-Score of our private label products (Boni Selection, Okay and Spar) is always displayed in the bottom right-hand corner on the front of the packaging. If you want to be certain that you have the results of the optimised calculation method (see text in box above), consult the Bio-PlanetColruyt of Collect&Go websites or the Collect&Go or Xtra apps. There you will find the updated Nutri-Score of both A brands and private label products. At Bio-Planet, you can also find the correct score on the price labels.

Je vindt de Nutri-Score op de producten rechts onderaan, op de voorzijde van deze producten, zie je snel hoe dit product scoort.

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